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Leadership for Change
"We assembled leaders from disparate sectors of our company for a validation of the program Leadership for Change.  All who participated agree that it was an extremely valuable leadership experience, very professionally delivered.  The hallmark of the program was Focused Leadership's willingness to adjust the content to fit our industry and our needs. We are actively pursuing other opportunities with Focused Leadership to help us develop our internally delivered leadership programs and to present Leadership for Change on a recurring basis to members of our top talent pool.  This is definitely a high talent group."

Paul Turevon, Director, Training and Development, Perot Systems Corporation

Foundations of a Winning Team
"Our Nurse Directors are a very competent group of individuals, but we had not bonded into a cohesive team.  We invited Focused Leadership to help us work together and tear down barriers to our cooperation.  Their Foundations of a Winning Team was an excellent vehicle for our team building.  The facilitator adjusted his program to address our specific requirements as they surfaced.  He helped us to identify major team issues and to agree to team objectives that required mutual accountability and trust for success.  I have received very positive feedback from all of the Nurse Directors and now have a focused momentum that will help us achieve our objectives. Foundations of a Winning Team is an ideal program for any Chief Nurse Officer who is trying to gain more from her staff as a group than any of them can accomplish on their own."

Connie Cowan, Chief Nurse Officer, Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, Hospital Corporation of America

Frontline Leadership
“Leadership training for our team leaders was recognized as one of the primary weaknesses in our talent development process. We asked Focused Leadership to help us build a program focused on people taking leadership roles for the first time. Our previous experience with FOCUSED LEADERSHIP gave us high confidence in their delivery of an outstanding program. During the development of the program materials and the presentation of three very successful pilot programs, they coached our instructors to be able to replicate their methods. This Team Leader Development Program has become one of the most successful programs we have ever delivered. Al has the unique ability to see through the smoke and fog that so often seem to surround business leadership and management challenges, and get right to the heart of the core issues.”

Darcy Anderson, VP, HR, Best Practices, and Infrastructure Support
Perot Systems Corporation

Executive Coaching
“ Focused Leadership became my trusted advisor to discuss the difficult issues small business owners face, a sounding board and source for new ideas that have really helped grow and improve my business. Al Nahas came to each meeting with questions not solutions and always made me think of additional options, risks and opportunities that later seemed so obvious. His focus on results and on risk management has been invaluable to both growing and protecting our profitability. Al has the unique ability to see through the smoke and fog that so often seem to surround business leadership and management challenges, and get right to the heart of the core issues ”

Wayne Springer, President, ATIWA Computing Inc

Fundamentals of Leadership
"Focused Leadership presented an afternoon seminar on the Fundamentals of Leadership to the Society of American Military Engineers Young Members.  These are primarily mid level managers or project managers, many of whom have had no formal leadership training.  The facilitator engaged the group, making each individual an active participant in the program.  The group left with a new appreciation of the human side of business success and energized to motivate their associates with the benefits of teamwork and collaboration.  Focused Leadership completely met our expectations with a dynamic program challenging each of us to improve our leadership focus.  Many of the participants asked that they return for future programs."

W. L. “Buddy” Barnes, Vice President, Carter Burgess
President, SAME Houston/ Galveston Post 

Building a Culture of Ethics
“ All of the comments received on Building a Culture of Ethics were extremely positive. Al Nahas is a dynamic facilitator who actively engaged his audience in dialog on the issues. His West Point background, extended Army career, and over seven years with Enron give him real experience in both the positive and negative effects of ethics on an organization. We all benefited from his extensive and credible knowledge on the subject and his engaging delivery. Especially effective were our small group discussion scenarios and the Integrity Challenge, which reminded each of us that we can always improve in this vital area.”

John Skiffington, President, Houston Planning Forum

Being or Finding a Mentor
“Mentorship has been the number one topic requested by our seminar attendees. Even though explaining the implementation of mentoring can be difficult, Al Nahas led an extremely effective discussion of the practical aspects of establishing a mentor program individually or in any company.  Focused Leadership made developing others relevant and obtainable by exploring the backgrounds of the audience and drawing them into an interactive discussion of the challenges specific to their needs.”

Bill Fendley, Vice President, Cobb Fendley & Associates
Founder, Engineering Leadership Forum

Where to Now?
“86% of our graduating class said this was either the best hour they had ever spent in personal development or an hour of inspiring and lasting impact. That is a remarkable comment coming on graduation day with all of the distractions of end of course requirements.”

Jack Salvadore, System Director, Organizational Development, CHRISTUS Health

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