Leaders are made not born. Improvement comes from a motivated, conscious effort over an extended period. Like a personal trainer, we help add discipline and knowledge to your development.
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All FOCUSED LEADERSHIP workshops are conducted inside your company to focus on your company's current issues and provide an excellent bonding and networking opportunity for your leaders. Their shared experience creates an internal support network for continued leadership growth and helps enhance a culture of empowerment and ethics throughout the organization. To encourage participants to practice what they have learned in their own workplace environment, all programs are conducted in multiple sessions over an extended time period. Program graduates attain a renewed focus that their people are the most valuable resource impacting a company's profitability.

Leadership for Change

“Definitely a high talent group and an extremely valuable leadership experience”

Paul Turevon, Director, Training and Development, Perot Systems Corporation

Designed for a company's senior leadership team, emphasizing setting direction to achieve strategic goals and the leader skills, culture enhancements and change process required to execute the vision to long-term profitability.
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Foundations of a Winning Team

“This excellent program helped us build a team that achieves better results than any of us could have achieved individually.”

Connie Cowan, CNO, CLRMC, Hospital Corporation of America

Designed for teams of any size and function. Our Team Performance Assessment, based on the six characteristics required of any winning team, opens a discussion on improvement objectives and an agreed written plan to achieve these goals.
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Frontline Leadership

“I have been in a leader position for 20 years. After this program I realized this was the first time anyone was actually following.”

Team Leader, Perot Systems Corporation

Specifically for team leaders making the transition from individual performer to a leadership role or for experienced leaders who have never had the opportunity to develop the skills required to effectively influence the actions of their team.
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Executive Coaching

“Focused Leadership became my trusted advisor to discuss the difficult issues small business owners face, a sounding board and source for new ideas that have really helped grow and improve my business.”

Wayne Springer, President, ATIWA Computing Inc.

Executive Coaching by senior mentors who take a personal interest in your success can help you solidify ideas to grow personally, gain balance, accelerate your company’s growth, and build a stronger leader team.
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