Leaders are made not born. Improvement comes from a motivated, conscious effort over an extended period. Like a personal trainer, we help add discipline and knowledge to your development.
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Leadership for Change

Leadership for Change is a challenging program for a company’s senior leadership to seek out, define and secure their organization’s future. It focuses on leading successful change to long-term profitability and enhancing customer and network relationships. It emphasizes development of leadership capacity at every level to harness the creative talents of an organization’s entire workforce toward clearly understood common goals. Participants examine successful companies, the people who lead them, and the leader’s role in anticipating and responding to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment. They focus on improving critical senior leader skills and emotional intelligence for improved effectiveness. All discussions are based on the challenge, “What else can we do to make our company better?” Program products include action plans for personal development and for organizational improvement initiatives. Leadership for Change seeks to strengthen a company’s leadership culture where senior leaders are role models of a positive, supportive work environment valuing integrity, teamwork, accountability and results. Leadership for Change is normally conducted in three two-day sessions separated by a month for application of workshop lessons in the workplace.

Foundations of a Winning Team

A high performing team must have six key characteristics:  Clear Goals and Roles, Trust, Empowerment, Collaboration, Accountability, and a Commitment to Sustained Success.  Our Team Performance Assessment measures team dynamics and performance against these characteristics. With the results, team members discuss and commit to a plan for becoming a more cohesive Winning Team with clearly defined team improvement and corporate leadership goals. Foundations of a Winning Team is conducted in three half-day or full-day sessions over a two-month period. It is an excellent growth experience for any leadership team seeking to remove hurdles impeding their success.

Frontline Leadership

Frontline Leadership is specifically tailored as a first formal leadership program for either new or seasoned team leaders. It uses scenarios, role-play, and interactive discussion to address daily challenges team leaders face. Frontline Leadership focuses on basic leadership skills, emotional intelligence, leadership imperatives, winning team characteristics, implementing change and building customer and network partnerships. It emphasizes character, trust and collaboration as the foundation of a leadership culture. Key components of Frontline Leadership are the action plans team leaders develop for their continued individual and team growth. Rather than a discussion of theory, this program is totally focused on how to be an effective hands-on leader. The program is conducted in three two-day workshops separated by a month to six weeks for application of workshop lessons in the leader’s workplace.

Executive Coaching

FOCUSED LEADERSHIP offers Executive Coaching for individuals who understand that an outside leadership perspective can make them more effective as an agent for change and enhanced performance within their organization. Through an initial assessment process, each program is tailored to each individual leader’s needs. We have coached leaders in many varied industries and on topics from the strategic direction of their company or department to overcoming obstacles to their personal or professional growth. Our varied experience allows us to ensure coaches are compatible with your style and required objectives. Executive Coaching is usually conducted over at least a six-month period on a schedule that best fits the leader’s demands.

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