One hallmark of the most effective leaders is that they are continuous learners.

Without a plan for change, why would you expect different results?
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Leader Letters

FOCUSED LEADERSHIP offers companies annual subscriptions to monthly Leader Letters that reinforce and expand on key leadership practices. These are excellent references for leaders to continue their development beyond our interactive workshops. Leader Letter subjects include ethics, building winning teams, effective hiring, focusing corporate strategy, emotional intelligence, creating an action plan, six steps for effective change, and other leader topics.

Leadership Assessment

A review of your organization’s leadership climate and practices can reveal their impact on your bottom line. This assessment is an excellent companion to financial due diligence for mergers or acquisitions or an excellent indicator of a company’s ability or requirements to transition to the next level of growth.

Team Performance Assessment

Designed as an assessment of the health of a team’s internal and external interactions, this is a self-evaluation of the team’s ability to apply the six characteristics that form the Foundations of a Winning Team. The assessment results are used for a Team Action Plan for improvement.

Leader Development Action Plan

A Leader Development Action Plan is an individual improvement plan for the characteristics and attributes that can make leaders more effective. With SMART objectives and a schedule of milestones, it helps leaders maintain focus on their team interactions and their personal growth priorities.

Team Action Plan

Developing a Team Action Plan is a great collaboration vehicle to get every team member focused on common objectives and their team accountability for the team’s success. It provides a framework for enhancing internal team dynamics and network relationships that have a major impact on a team’s success.

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