Good leaders inspire others to have confidence in them.

Great leaders inspire others to have confidence in themselves!
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Focused Leadership offers half-day or full-day seminars on varied topics of interest to business professionals. Even with these shorter programs, each concludes with a development action plan for participants to continue their lessons learned. Our seminars can be adjusted to fit your offsite or internal meeting schedule and are a good introduction to our capabilities and the value we can bring to your company.

Building a Culture of Ethics

“Excellent session!” Ken Williams, Executive VP, Frost Bank

Stressing the impact of values on the bottom line, this interactive seminar discusses why ethics and integrity are absolutely required as the foundation for trust and respect on an effective team or customer relationship. Our Integrity Challenge stresses the leader’s role in bringing corporate values alive as foundational practices in a company’s culture.

Where to Now?

"A great hour reminding leaders of their need to continue their personal development."

Jack Salvadore, CHRISTUS Health


FOCUSED LEADERSHIP can provide your company with a graduation speaker for your own internal leadership development programs. Continuing leader growth and organizational improvement after graduates return to their workplace is the central theme of these comments that focus on lessons learned from their experience and maintaining a plan for continuous learning.

Being or Finding a Mentor

“This is the #1 topic requested by our members and employees. Excellent presentation.”
Bill Fendley, Founder, Engineering Leadership Forum

An effective mentoring program can have a major impact on a company’s succession pipeline, retention of high valued employees and its bottom line profitability. Understanding the practical aspects of both seeking and being a mentor can help ensure mentoring success. This program focuses on both sides of mentoring -- how to be an effective mentor and how to find and effectively interact with a mentor.

Growing Leadership Capacity

Leadership Capacity measures the depth of an organization’s leadership culture. Great leaders develop other leaders. Growing Leadership Capacity coaches leaders on accelerating leadership growth at every level of their organization to maximize the potential of their people and their company.

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

The elements of Emotional Intelligence – self-knowledge, self-management, and understanding and managing interactions with others, directly impact a leader’s effectiveness. Self-assessment is the most difficult step. This seminar introduces
methods for leaders to identify and improve weaker competencies.

Fundamentals of Leadership

This is a summary discussion of the topics covered in our Frontline Leadership program. Discussing basic leadership skills, emotional intelligence, character and values, leaders leave this seminar with a plan for individual improvement.

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