“Most companies today are over managed and under led.”
Thomas Teal, “The Human Side of Management”
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Great leadership is significantly different from great management. Great management is absolutely critical to great companies. Without a focus on quality delivery and the processes to support efficient operations, wasted resources, worker frustration and a stagnant bottom line are sure to follow. However, even the best industry practices will fail without a clear focus on the people who execute the plan and on a clear direction that can secure a company’s future. This is the role that great leadership brings to great organizations.

Leaders - Set direction for an organization, focusing on what needs to be done, rather than how the organization should do it, focusing on doing the right thing over doing things right.

Leaders - Align company stakeholders and resources to priority efforts, with the recognition that people are the most important resource.

Leaders - Inspire ownership of common goals by all members of their company team, giving their people a reason to strive for success.

Leaders - Develop others to believe in themselves as integral components of a professional team in which they can take pride.

Why Us

We are operational leaders and executives with over 150 years of shared experience focused on results in overcoming real world challenges. We bring to every relationship the valuable lessons we have learned on the front lines. We give you personal attention as a partner-coach on your specific priorities and needs. We are committed to your success as a high performing team. We believe that character, trust and collaboration are the foundations of great leadership and great teams. We bring these values to every relationship.

Of the many leadership companies from which you might choose, we will never be the largest or the most widely advertised. We will instead be one of the most practiced, and give you personal attention with tailored resources to fit your specific leadership needs.

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